Planning to gift your child something special on their next birthday? Want to come up with something that can be useful for your child and help them in the future too? Looking to think beyond toys, cars, dolls, video games, and the other “regular” gifts? Not a problem, following is a list of four awesome gifts that are not only fun and extremely cool, but will also help in shaping up your child’s development and overall personality.

A pet

Believe it or not, giving your child the companionship of a pet is one of the most special and rewarding gifts you could ever give them. Be it a cat, a dog, a horse, a hamster, tortoise or guinea pig, children just love the company of animals. You’d be surprised to know that pets not only provide your child a source of entertainment, but also offer a number of benefits as far as the development of your child is concerned. Yes, having a pet can give your child valuable lessons that will benefit them for a lifetime. Children can learn all about compassion, kindness, patience, responsibility, and empathy via your family pet. Pets reduce stress, anxiety, and loneliness in children, and also help enhance self-esteem, motor skills and cognitive development. Most-importantly you child will see a best friend in the family pet – a friend who offers unconditional love is always there to listen and give them comfort.


Want to ensure that your kids have plenty of amazing traits when they grow up? Sure, one awesome way of doing so would be by gifting your children plenty of nice books to read throughout their childhood. Indeed, the love for reading is definitely one of the best qualities you can instill in your children while they’re still young and learning. Reading not only gives your child a good grasp over the language, but is also engaging and fun. There are endless benefits involved with reading, such as brain development, improved attention and concentration, increased self-confidence, rich vocabulary, and so on. Reading also sparks curiosity about people, things, and places, giving children greater exposure. What’s more, children who read often grow up to become more creative, imaginative, aware, knowledgeable, and intelligent, as compared to children who don’t.

Painting kit

Looking for a fun way to bring the best out of your child’s creativity? Okay, so how about gifting your kid a complete painting set with a few paintbrushes, crayons, colors, and a box full of different types of papers to paint on? Just like reading, there are endless developmental benefits associated with painting. It is not only a fun way for your children to express their creativity, but also helps in enhancing other physical skills such as visual perception, hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and more. Children who paint are normally known to be more expressive and tend to look at situations more creatively as compared to kids who don’t paint. It also boosts up the child’s morale and makes them more confident since they get full independence to plan the entire painting the way they want it. Furthermore, painting is a way of channeling positive energy, since it is stress-busting and soothing for the child – just like therapy.

An outdoor backpacking kit

Looking for an offbeat gift for your kid that is not only super cool, but also enhances their development in some way? How about heading out and buying them a backpacking kit or a pair of all-terrain walking shoes? Yes, as silly as it many sound, you have no idea how valuable outdoor recreation is for the overall development of your child. Gifting your child outdoor gear is only going to encourage them and give them a reason to get outside and enjoy their natural surroundings. Physical exercise, breathing fresh air, and discovering nature’s wonders are just a handful of benefits associated with outdoor recreation. Some other benefits involved are increased motivation, higher self-confidence, greater knowledge, appreciation for nature, compassion, responsibility and concern towards the environment, better self-esteem, reduced stress, better sleep, and more. A passion for the outdoors sparks up the curiosity in your child to explore, to discover, to think rationally, and to learn.Oh and not to forget, this is a great way for children to build lasting friendships with other peers who share a similar passion.

outdoor backpacking kit

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