If you’ve decided you want to buy a used boat you’ll already be sailing around in the ocean inside your head, but stop and think because there are a few questions you need to ask yourself. We’re going to take a look at some best practices when it comes to buying used boats so you don’t get ripped off.

Check out it’s history

A used boat might have been owned by many different people and you’ll want to check out its history much like you’d do if you were buying a used car. You can easily check out the history of any boat once you have its Hull Identification Number. The current owner might lie through their teeth when selling you the boat because they want it off their hands, but by checking the HIN you’ll be able to see if all the paperwork is sound and if it’s been involved in any accidents in the past.

Meet the owner

Now that everyone has access to the internet it’s too easy to buy things online, but when you’re buying something as expensive as a used boat you want to see it in person first. You want to physically touch it before you think about handing over any money, plus when you meet the owner they’ll be able to share important information with you about the boat’s performance. Write down a list of questions you want to know the answers to before you meet anyone and if you’re not happy with those answers you can walk away.

All the extra costs

Before you decide to buy a boat you’ll have a figure out in your head about how much you’re willing to spend. If you do end up buying a used boat for that exact amount you’ll end up spending much more because of all the extra costs involved. Don’t forget about your insurance, registration, and title costs. A used boat might need to be touched up a little too. Once you factor in these costs you’ll realize the initial price you were willing to spend on your boat will need to be lowered.

Does it fits your needs

If you have a large family there are certain cars you won’t be able to buy unless you want the kids to sit on the roof. You will obviously buy a car that fits your needs. The same is true when you’re buying a boat and you’ll need to figure out what you want before you go looking for one. If you buy one that is too big once it’s sitting on your boat trailer you might not have any room to move around your garden. You might also buy a boat before realizing you would have loved it to have come with certain special features.

Hidden problems

Unless you’re a boat engineer or know one personally it’s going to be hard to figure out if the boat you’re buying has any problems you might run into further down the line. The easiest way to prevent that from happening is to buy a boat that looks in good condition. I know that is no guarantee a used boat will be in good working order, but if someone can’t go to the trouble of cleaning and polishing their boat before selling it you have to wonder what else is going on that you can’t see.

Don’t rush into anything

The ocean isn’t going anywhere which means you don’t need to buy the first boat you look at. Take your time and pick the right one like you should do with any big purchase. Most importantly you should remember everything we’ve talked about today.

Author Bio: Warren Brown is a freelance blogger and an ace creative write with many years of experience writing for top blogs. Warren has written on a myriad of topics and has written several posts for us.