No one wants rodents, bugs and other pests inside his house but you might be happy to know that some representatives of these creatures are actually very popular and loved by the entire globe! When you were a little child or even probably now, you definitely watched cartoons on television and you fall in love with some of the following creatures.

  1. Jerry. Apart from Tom, everyone likes the little brown mouse which was so clever and so fast that it can outrun everyone and make you burst in laugh every time. With any other rodent, you should request a mice & rat control service from a professional pest control company but when it comes to Jerry, you simply cannot get enough of its mischief.
  2. Mickey Mouse. A very important figure especially in the comics world, Mickey Mouse is the smart rodent who has a girlfriend, Minnie Mouse, and who tries to catch the bad guys helped by his good and tall friend Goofy. Mickey Mouse enchanted the childhood of millions of kids all over the world and it remains one of the most adorable rodents out there!
  3. Chip and Dale. They appeared on cartoons, comics and even video games and they have put a smile on your face more than once. Although real life squirrels can cause you electrical problems and other troubles, Chip and Dale will always fascinate you with their adventures.
  4. Batman. Everyone heard of him, he is the superhero who defends the Gotham city against Joker and his band malevolent people and his character was also portrayed in the Hollywood movie Batman Begins (2005) by Christian Bale.
  5. Spiderman. Another figure who inspired movie creators and who thrilled millions of people across the world! Peter Parker, the main character, gets bitten by a genetically modified spider and he ends up with special powers which make him really… unique!