Although it is very simple for us customers to go to the market and buy pretty much any food products we want, did you know that these items are thoroughly tested and controlled by professionals in order to prevent diseases and illnesses? A food products inspector who has professional HACCP training is responsible for the quality and safety of foods everyone eats every day. If you are interested about this subject then continue reading and discover a couple of duties and responsibilities of food products inspectors.

  • Take samples and analyze them. One of the most important jobs of a food products inspector is to take samples of various foods during different stages of processing. He will also analyze these samples and make sure that there are no harmful bacteria or other contaminants which might be very dangerous and poisonous for people’s health.
  • Test every raw materials and finished goods. Alongside with samples testing, a professional in food safety will also make sure that the raw materials received by various food processing industries are healthy and in a great condition. If some raw materials are not complying with the standards, they are eliminated from the process.
  • Provide full details about certain foods and products. Once the food products are ready, a professional food products inspector will do all the required paperwork which includes product specifications, nutritional information, types of ingredients, storing instructions and so on.
  • Create quality control tests. An experienced food products inspector will also facilitate the testing of raw materials and food products by establishing standard quality control tests for various food products.
  • Assist in testing new products. Finally, a food inspector also needs to be able to organize and assist to the testing process of new products, raw materials and foods which will be later on placed on the market.