Not many people would want to hear about dying or death and no one would want to think about their cremation or funeral either. That is why this article has been prepared to let you think about this inevitable situation. And do you know that cremains can have a life after death? If you are wondering how this is possible, then read on…

An hourly glass

Just like dealers for urns in Ontario and other parts of the world can assert, your ashes can be used for symbolism. Hourglass iconography has been used on gravestones for a long time now. Today, an hourglass urn can even accommodate the ashes of two loved ones.

Diamond ring

Of course human life is finite, but the diamond gem is there forever. Jewelry companies can now use carbon from cremains when creating diamonds of assorted clarity, cuts, colors and carats. These diamonds can be used to make different pieces of jewelry. However, an engagement ring may seem creepy

A teddy bear

Your loved one’s ash can be stored inside the cuddly body of a stuffed teddy bear.


Commemorative tattoos are not just for honoring your loved ones; some are even made with them! Artists can sterilize your loved one’s cremains and go ahead to mix them with tattoo ink. The departed one will always be under your skin. How does it feel?

A portrait

Today, that portrait of your late grannie can really be of your grannie. Artists can mix her cremains and paint to create special portrait, still life or even landscape.


You now can go out with a bang! Yes, you can transform your loved one’s ash into a pyrotechnic extravaganza. If ammo is the best way to commemorate the departed, their cremains can be turned into shotgun shells. Cremains can be for various uses as you commemorate your loved ones.