Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentine’s, Christmas, Easter, Mother’s day, New Year’s, Eid. So many holidays can be named that require you to give one, two, or a few special ladies a present. Some people opt for every day of the year because why choose a specific day. Not to say that men do not need to be gifted but it is common knowledge that it makes a much bigger impact on women. Here are the few things that are the way to a woman’s heart.

  1. Flowers

Brightly colored, sweet smelling, soft petals, flowers bring a smile to every lady’s lips. Even when walking and a lady sees flowers beside the road, she will stop to look at them and smell them if she can. They bring joy and happiness, even people in hospitals are given flowers as a get well soon gesture. Just goes to show the effect that flowers have.

  1. Chocolate

This goes across the board ladies and gentlemen. Even children love chocolate. Chocolate is so amazing, you can get sick from it (no pun intended). When ladies are happy, sad, sick, healthy, bored, excited; chocolate is always a go to for them. It does not matter whether it is your girlfriend, sister, daughter, niece, aunt, grandmother; a woman will always be won over by a bar of chocolate

  1. Jewelry

Shiny, glittering, glamorous, pretty trinkets and treasures will bring joy to any girl’s heart. Diamonds and pearls; rubies and sapphires; beads and charms will always win a person favor with the fairer sex. To see a lady without some form of jewelry is rare, whatever their age, preferences or personalities.

  1. Stuffed animals

Large, overstuffed pillows that can be hugged should also be taken into consideration. Women love being loved; from inanimate things, the comfort, in place of love is unconditional. When presented with these items, it takes them back to when they are little girls with no worries in the world and thus the feelings of comfort and familiarity are transferred to the pillows and stuffed animals.

The list is endless but to begin with, you can never go wrong with these four things.