Kitchen is one of the most functional spaces of the house, and you need to have the right appliances to easy your regular tasks. Microwave ovens are easily a must-have product, and if you are considering one for your new home, built-in ovens can fit the bill. For those who came in late, a built-in oven is also called a wall oven, as it is usually stacked in the cabinetry. Here’s a quick review of wall ovens for your consideration.

Why consider built-in ovens?

If you have a small kitchen with limited space on the countertop, a built-in oven might be the only choice. Aesthetically speaking, wall ovens become a part of your interiors easily, and since most of them come with a steel finish, the theme of the kitchen doesn’t really matter. As far as features and functionalities are concerned, built-in ovens are as good as countertop ovens, and you will find a bunch of choices in terms of brand and features. A four encastré stainless from one of the leading brands should easily last for a decade or more, as long as you follow the instructions for use and spend on regular maintenance.

On the flip side

Cleaning and maintenance of a wall oven can be a major problem, although you can always go for a self-cleaning model. For the uninitiated, a self-cleaning model uses high temperature to burn off leftovers, without using any of the harmful chemical cleaners. Also, replacing a smaller built-in oven with a bigger one can be a problem, because of the dimensions and fixed space.

How to buy one?

Set a budget for your purchase, because built-in ovens cost more than the countertop ones. Secondly, check if you really want to go for advanced models, which can cost more than $1000. Settings, preset menus and options and convection cooking are other aspects to take into consideration. Depending on the size of the house, you may want to consider a double oven, which is bigger and is ideal for regular use. Warranty on the product can vary, so check for that, as well, and if you are new to brands, always look for reviews. Prices are often better on online stores, thanks to limited overheads.

Overall, built-in ovens are ideal for contemporary homes that are more focused on style and functionality. Make a shortlist of the best choices and compare them effectively to take a call.