If there is one room that every woman idolizes and considers personal, that has to be the bedroom. This is the woman’s room. You will be lucky to be allowed in, unless of course, you are the husband or boyfriend. If allowed in, dare touch anything and you are dead meat. Move a single item just an inch from its original position and she will definitely know, and that is how you became mortal enemies. That is nothing as compared to her walk-in closet. Ladies, we understand how this region is out of bounds. For your sake, here are a few pointers on how to make the place look good:

  1. Arrangement

You will need to know how to arrange your stuff; otherwise, it will make no sense having the closet. Make sure you can easily locate stuff that you need. Have a specific drawer for accessories, for instance, and another for innerwear.  Have your closed neatly folded or hanging whichever you find best. Make sure the place does not look crowded and so find ways of creating space between items. Have items separate; shoes in one are, clothes in another, accessories elsewhere, and so on and so forth.

  1. Design

Even before you have clothes inside there, make sure the room itself look good. Have an idea of how you would want to have your things. This will help you in deciding whether for instance, you may need an additional drawer(s) or the racks removed. Have an appropriate color for your closet, one that is appealing and that will not clash with the items you will store in there.

A lot can be said, but the bottom line is; the place should not be disturbing to the eye (however, few those eyes might be). It should be a place of pride as a woman and if you were told to choose just one room and have the whole house vanish, you would no doubt chose it.