Lavender is a pale violet flower that can take anyone’s senses on a trip to olfactory ecstasy. Apart from its beauty and fragrance, lavender plant is hailed for many other benefits and uses that human beings have been deriving since ages. This article gathers together some of the great uses of lavender plant:


Besides brewing lavender tea, this plant is also used by fine dining restaurants to aromatize cookies and salads. It is great for meat preparations too. And as it aromatizes foodstuffs, lavender plants also add color to the regular salad shades of reds and greens.


Lavender flowers rank themselves high as decorative items and are used to beautify homes in many ways. They can be made into intricate wreaths, flower arrangements and even scattered in pot-pourri. You can also dry them and hung around your home to make the breeze naturally fragrant.

Aromatherapy and relaxation

Today, lavender tea is a great remedy for relaxing nerves. It is also a natural anxiety treatment. Suffering from sleep disorders? Disperse lavender petals around your bed and apply a few drops of lavender oil on your pillows and you will be amazed at the results.

Alternative remedy

Lavender oil has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties which help in soothing fungal infections and insect bites. Apply the oil on your temples to soothe headache too. And if you have skin disorders such as burns and acne, then lavender plants are a perfect remedy for these conditions.

Pest control

Put sachets of dried lavender in your closet, drawers and trunks to repel insects and keep moths away. This is a great measure for pest control. You can also put bunches of lavender near your window to repel insects.

Cosmetic products

Lavender plants are increasingly getting popular due to their contribution towards the cosmetic and beauty care industry. It is used in hair rinses, skin creams and lotions for beauty care.