From simple tools to copper wires, construction sites are definitely one the most prolific looting grounds for thieves. In fact, according to police reports vandalism and theft are the major security concerns throughout the entire building process. Since you can’t always rely on the vigilant eye of the law to protect your assets and property, the best approach is to get professional help from qualified security companies. Let’s explore the means security services employ in order to protect your construction site

  • Manned security guards

Perhaps the most effective way to prevent trespassing or criminal activities at the site is having security guards installed in key locations of the perimeter of the construction area. In the eventuality that you have a large construction site, then the ideal security option will be mobile patrols that can cover the entire area and prevent any unauthorized person from entering.

  • Security dogs

If you have valuable construction materials and equipment at the site, then consider the possibility of using security dogs. The security dogs are trained to sit near precious goods and alert security guards of trespassers moving into the site.

  • Security systems

Depending on the characteristics of your construction site, the best protection could be a combination of onsite security guards and 24/7 monitoring. The various types of cameras that can be placed on the construction site could also be used as proof in case of theft or vandalism.

At this point, you’re probably wondering whether investing in security cameras will be more affordable than working with a professional security company. While it is true that the camera-based technologies available today are more affordable and can cover a larger area, the truth is that nothing deters thieves and vandals better than human presence. Speaking of the price, let’s not forget that criminal activities could ruin your productivity and consume valuable time, which leads to substantially more expenses than hiring a security company.