According to the department of energy, since the refrigerator is the only appliance that runs 24 hours a day throughout the year, it is a major contributor to both residential and commercial building energy consumption, which reflects on the monthly bill. If you purchase your refrigerator unit before 1993, it means it consumes twice the energy as the newer models. However, age should not be the only sign that you need to replace your unit. Here are other reasons to you might need to call a commercial refrigeration company:

Signs of moisture: If you see any signs of condensation on the door frame it means the rubber seal that is designed to keep warm air out and cold air in is not as airtight as it should be. If you ignore the problem assuming it is too little, you will pay for in your monthly bills. You can call an expert to replace the seal and save on energy costs month after month.

If it is not generating heat: The purpose of the refrigerator is to keep food cold. However, a damaged unit may begin to generate heat from the sides and the coils on the back. This is a sign that you need a new unit especially if you are using the very old models. Newer models have better insulation in the exterior walls and doors to maintain better temperature as well as subdue motor noise.

When the motor runs nonstop: All refrigerators have in-built motors that run on/off to regulate the temperature. The motor runs just enough to ensure the temperature inside the refrigerator is sufficient then it switches off. If you realize that you cannot remember the last time your motor was quiet, then you probably have a faulty refrigerator that needs replacing. If the motor runs continuously, it consumes more energy than it should.