Microbreweries are nothing new but they have definitely been rediscovered in the recent years. These are an age-old tradition and yet they have introduced modern innovation in their brewing techniques to take the art of craft beers to a completely new level. These breweries focus on the age-old cask ale. Craft brewing are small/independent ownership small breweries with an annual production of up to 6 million barrels/casks. Usually 50% or more of a traditional craft beer is malt beer. However, these beverages have been gaining popularity in leaps and bounds and here are a few reasons why your next chilled brew should be a crafty one!

Positive impact of the microbreweries on earth

Microbreweries are independently owned and some specific brands such as the Sierra Nevada are extremely environmental conscious. They run their entire operation on solar energy. They also recycle the discarded yeast for the production of top grade ethanol fuel. Microbreweries also offer conducted tours and wine tasting to promote their brands. This allows people to directly taste the few different types of beers crafted here.

Positive impact of the craft beers on your health

Craft beers are prepared in a completely different technique than big brand beers. Thus, they retain many of their nutritional components such as B group vitamins, minerals, and fibers, which are missing in commercial ale. Often the health benefits of the craft beers can be compared to a glass of red wine. However, this varies from brand to brand and you should contact your preferred microbreweries to know more details about their product.

Independent smaller breweries advantages

Independent and smaller breweries offer man added advantages. They usually price their beverages lower than big name brands. They also offer more alcohol content per pint and have a more concentrated taste. This means that you do not have to consume many bottles for the same kind of buzz.