The organisation of Bead Relief is one of the few organisations that have prioritized charity over market value. Their team engages in one of the most charitable work that an organisation can associate itself with. The founders John Gornik and Greg Elias came in with a motive to help the less fortunate community to deal with their circumstances and come out of the life that have made them victims of a certain cause. Even though the team is just two years old they have grown exponentially and have contributed majorly to many non profit organisations locally and nationally and even intend to do the same internationally.

The variety of bracelets

The bead bracelet purchase market is how they have started off their work. These bracelets are made of beads and some of stones and are exclusively the result of manual labour. No technology whatsoever is involved. Each bracelet is unique and comes with a copper authenticity tag that proves the originality of the product. There are various colour varieties that you can choose from each looks unique and feels unique as well. Nothing else could be a better representation of charity and beauty other than these beautiful bracelets.

The charity involved

Now with every purchase of bead bracelet you are also contributing to the organisation that Bead Relief has partnered with. Each bracelet is priced accordingly to the materials that have been used but no matter what the purchase amount is, twenty five percent of it is donated to the charity purpose it represents. In a separate segment that has natural stone bracelets, the contribution can be made to a charity that you chose to donate for. Therefore this builds a connection between you and the non profit organisation. The bracelet is a representation of your contribution towards the community and the purpose that is the closest to your heart.