Women love to shop and yes, we still need shopping bags to go shopping.

You might wonder why?

Well, let’s say you are going to the mall and have just a few errands to run before meeting your friend for a coffee at Starbucks. Will you get a plastic bag and carry the things you bought like that?

A bigger shoulder bag or tote would help you get out of this situation in a very fashionable way.

Here are some quick tips for buying shopping bags.

  • First think about what and how much you usually buy, and I am not referring to the weekly groceries shopping. A casual T-shirt you just saw and wanted, mascara, some biscuits, the usual.
  • Do you like wearing your bag on you hand or place it on the shoulder in order to have your hands free? I think it’s much more comfortable to buy a cute shoulder bag rather that a tote.
  • Talking about fabrics, you should consider how careful you are on a daily basis. It’s not worth to buy an expensive bag that you would go shopping with amongst other if you are always staining or scratching your bags.

A simple fabric tote or crossbody bag might be the best solution because you can wash it from time to time and still make it look like new.

Still, it’s not as fancy as saffiano leather bag, but you will not want to buy any fruits or veggies and carry them with your new Selma, do you?

  • Neutral colors are the best if you don’t want to invest much in bags you would use for shopping. If you usually prefer small messenger bags or clutches, buying several shopping bags is not the best idea.

Get one or two in neutral colors like black or beige, even white that you can wear with most outfits.

  • Another great idea if you are going shopping by bike is finding a cool backpack or even a convertible bag. You can wear it as a backpack while cycling and then convert it into a cool shoulder bag, to be able to get your wallet out easier.

Which shopping bag do you prefer?