When planning the menu for your corporate event, you need to consider all the details that help to ensure that the event is successful. Planning the menu is more than just picking your favorite cuisine or visiting your favorite restaurant. You need to think about the best way to cater for a large group of people, knowing that individuals have different tastes.

  1. The guest profile

You need to know the guest profiles and think about the best way to make your event unique. You might not know all your guests personally but you can ensure that everyone enjoys their meal. Business people who attend many different events in a year often get tired of the same fare at each event and it helps to offer something different. Consider issues such as the professional level of the guests, how often they attend events, the location and even their cultural background.

  1. Consider preferences

It is important to remember that people have different preferences and not everyone will appreciate overly spicy food. When you know your guest profiles, you can determine the best meals to serve and it helps to think about the average age of the guests. Providing several options is always the best way to ensure that you cater for different needs. Many people today are concerned about health issues and it helps to ensure that you provide healthy options. Having a vegetarian option is a good idea.

When planning the menu, work with the catering company to come up with several meal choices. Offering two or three choices of entrees, at least two dessert options and different salad dressing options will help to cater for the different guests. Incorporating fresh and seasonal items in the menu is a great idea and it also helps to save money. For best results, make sure that you choose a menu that fits the schedule of the event.