Can you ever imagine a football game at a sports ground without the energetic cheerleaders? The game won’t be complete without their presence; they make an indispensable part of sports. You need great cheerleaders for your corporate football team in order for them to engage the crowd and transform the atmosphere at the playground. Below are ways to help you maintain the best cheerleaders for your squad:


You cannot pretend to be a cheerleader if you are not one. It must be in you, so when recruiting cheerleaders, make sure that they have the energy and ability to transform the atmosphere at the playground. And one thing you need to know is that there are different cheerleaders with different abilities such as energetic cheerleaders, dancing divas, crowd pullers, talkative, confident, funny and team players just to name but a few.


Once they are recruited, you need to watch on their performance. The very first thing you may want of them is the ability to encourage your corporate football team to win. Let them make noise and don’t forget to count the number of times your team has won. You don’t just take cheerleaders to the field and think all is done. You need to feed them well. Take care of transportation needs, foodstuffs and entertainment; they need them in order to give results. You also need to dress them in your corporate’s branded attires and be creative depending on the category of the cheerleaders.


Cheering is one of the energy demanding tasks and it cannot go without rewards. Apart from the normal salary, you need to recognize the effort of these cheerleaders. And you need to recognize them according to their categories too. Today, there are different and unique glass trophies and awards that you can take advantage of. You can also use plaques, medals and small gifts such as bracelets, necklaces and T-shirts with your company’s logo printed on them.