The fact that you have been convicted of a crime does not always mean that you have to start serving the sentence immediately. Being found guilty is not necessarily the end and there is always the option of getting a suspended sentence. This means that there is a probationary period during which if you can meet the conditions set by the court, the judge can eliminate the sentence.

Legal advice

Most people contesting criminal charges do not know the full set of options they have and that is why it is important to get legal advice. A lawyer will explain to you all the options available to you when he starts planning the case. A good lawyer will fight all the way to get you the best possible outcome and sometimes this is a suspended sentence. You can avoid spending time in jail, something that can have disastrous effects on your professional life and family.

Criminal record

Even after the sentence is suspended, the criminal record remains long after completing the probation. This means that your criminal history will remain forever even though you did not go to jail. On the other hand, a deferred sentence does not remain on your record permanently.

How to qualify

A suspended sentence is not for everyone, it will depend on the crime committed. If you committed a minor crime and you are a first time offender, the sentence can be suspended. Some cases that usually draw suspended sentences include minor drug offences like first time possession. Most justice systems use suspended sentences to mitigate the severity or impact of the penalties on defendants.

When you hire an experienced lawyer, you get the benefit of someone competent taking care of your interest. You can live a normal life even though you have been found guilty of a crime. Make sure that you get references before hiring a lawyer.